UX Research: Case Study 1

International UX Research and Reporting

This slide deck contains an introductory overview of one recent international UX Research project I lead for (NDA). The customer challenged my team to conduct weekly UX research sprints in 7 countries and 8 cities with 6 international partners. I lead a team of 17 designers and junior researchers to make this project successful. We utilized over 10 UX research methodologies including: tree jacks, A/B/C tests, click tests, and task based usability testing.

I include this project in my portfolio to demonstrate not only my ability to work with an international team and complete the project on budget, but also to demonstrate my process visualization and presentation style for UX Research reporting.

The final few slides are an example of the actual reporting deck which show how the weekly questions were researched, analyzed, visualized, and communicated to the stakeholders.

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